What material will be processed by the facility?

The facility will process non-hazardous Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). RDF is a generic term used to describe waste from municipal or commercial sources that is residual (i.e. non-recyclable mixed waste) that has undergone some processing that allows it to be burnt as a fuel to produce energy in an energy-from-waste incinerator. This processing can range from minimal sorting to more complex mechanical and/or biological treatment.

The industry currently pre-treats mixed waste in a number of different ways, using a range of different physical, thermal, chemical and/or biological processes. Pre-treatment changes the characteristics of the waste to make it easier and safer to handle and transport, as well as making it perform better as a fuel.

The use of RDF, which otherwise would have been landfilled, allows a significant amount of material to be moved up the waste hierarchy, a principle that is enshrined within law. It also brings environmental benefits: over 700,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions were saved in 2016 by exporting RDF for treatment in Europe instead of landfilling in the UK. This is equivalent to taking over 740,000 cars off the road.


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