What is Warboys Green Energy?

The Warboys Green Energy Project is one of a series of planned smaller-scale thermal processing facilities to recover energy from Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), which is residual waste after recycling. The project will generate up to 8 MW electricity for export to the National Grid, enough to power approximately 21,000 homes or to power UK industry.

The project is located on land previously consented for energy recovery and is adjacent to Woodford Recycling (Puddock Road, Warboys, PE28 2TX). It is a private site adjacent to a capped landfill with low visibility from public areas.

At full capacity, the project can process up to 90,000 tonnes per annum of feedstock which would otherwise go to landfill or export. Over 20 years this is 1.75 million tonnes of material diverted from landfill. 

This is referred to as smaller-scale because it will process significantly lower quantities than larger centralised facilities. 

The development will receive the RDF feedstock at an agreed specification. No material pretreatment or recycling will be undertaken on-site. The feedstock will be delivered in closed trucks which will discharge the material directly into a fuel storage building.

It is the intention to source some of the feedstock to generate green energy from Woodford Recycling, located adjacent to the site. The project will also work with other local and regional recycling companies to divert waste from landfill and export overseas.

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